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Change For Life HEALTH HUB is an online group which  uses a private Facebook group for support and to pass on information and documents.


11th – 22nd DEC

Operation Damage Limitation!


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By the time you get to 40, you have likely realised there are no quick fix diets or miracle exercises to shrink your waistline. You are done with taking pills, shakes and ‘diet food’. After 40, 50, 60… whatever that number, you deserve to feel comfortable in your own body.

  • Who would benefit from this programme?

Every woman who has tried every ‘diet’ since her teens.

Every woman who reached 40 and seemingly gained a stone without trying.

Every woman who loses and gains the same weight time and time again

  • Lifestyle and hormone changes do impact a woman’s body, but there is much you can do (without medical intervention) to lessen the impact on your shape and happiness.
  • Food choices and the correct exercise really can shape the body you want. True, it won’t be quick and at times, certainly not easy, but it will be life-changing and long-lasting!


CFL will help you develop a plan that works for YOU. Your individual lifestyle and demands need juggling around the food you eat and activity you do. Because something works for best friend, doesn’t mean it will work for you!

CFL will help you develop the understanding you need around food, so you know you can eat ANYTHING without piling on weight. No foods are off limits or banned. Quite the opposite.

CFL will help shape the body you want AND want to keep. A body that is fit for purpose! Strong, robust and resilient. You are the result of your previous actions. TIME FOR CHANGE?

CFL will help you stay motivated long after your willpower has left the building. THE GRIND! Keeping going when those around you stop.

CFL will help you develop a healthy, sustainable relationship with ALL food, activity and measurements of your success. The bathroom scales tell you a teeny, tiny bit of information about your success. You are SO much more than that figure.

About CFL and Lindsay.

After 15 years of teaching various live courses to Dorchester based people, I moved the course to be totally on line via a private FaceBook group. The courses now attract people world wide as the internet means there are no distance barriers. I have new people joining the  CFL HEALTH HUB  group as well as those who stay for every course, for many reasons and not only fat loss. The home exercise videos are  a big part of the course and  will ensure that you gain some nice muscles along  the way – so very important in the burning of fat and long term success. My no-nonsense, EAT REAL FOOD approach will guarantee you will be healthier, happier, lighter and more toned in just a few weeks. This is not a “Crash Diet” and involves learning how to manage eating normal food and trying some new ones.

Via our private group, I deliver daily V-logs, telling you exactly what to do to, advice on how to plan, prepare and cook lovely meals for you and your family. There are a selection of CFL RECIPE BOOKS to help you choose great foods and show you new ideas. You will also receive  a library of various exercise videos that will help blast stubborn fat and give you the best chance to improve your fitness and health in the minimum of time. There are also LIVE daily workouts to keep you really motivated to join in as I do it. I have helped hundreds of women and men over the years and feel as passionate today as when I first started promoting CFL. You will not find an easier way of losing fat that brings health and a fitter, stronger body as well as improved body confidence. For more information and testimonials please read below.

The CFL principles really are life changing and not only will you be fitter and slimmer, but you will have less IBS symptoms, better skin and hair. If you are DIABETIC, I will help you manage your blood sugar AND lose fat, so you may need less insulin and quite likely cut down on your medication.

 Daily support, motivation, information and specially tailored exercise videos…. A bargain compared to other Fat loss programmes and ALL ON LINE.

 You will need to be a Facebook user and familiar with navigating the site.

So what makes this different from other diet programmes?

Your body is full of hormones – chemical messengers, released by cells that influence everything in your body. Certain hormones determine whether your body stores or burns fat. FACT. Stress, poor sleep, alcohol, processed foods, too much cardio exercise can keep you wired and tired so your body breaks down. Illness and injury ruin your efforts. PERI and MENOPAUSE means a huge shift in your sex hormones which can lead to fat gain around the middle. No matter how much exercise you do, it will not shift. When you know how to manipulate these hormones with nutrition and the correct exercise, you WILL lose body fat and eventually eat any foods you like.

Some happy CFL clients who have lost pounds and inches on my most recent courses.

From Ali  2023  I have been inspired by the lovely Lindsay Beale who has encouraged and pushed me to be a better version of myself, physically and mentally. Lindsay and all of you in the group have taught me to never give up, to focus stressful and happy energy on fitness and healthy eating. I am not perfect but I try. I have treats, I drink fizz but I now know how to draw a line and get back on track and this is what CFL is all about. I have maintained a very healthy weight during this course and lost 3 inches. In a few months I have lost 26.5 lbs and 30 inches. If I can do it anyone can!!! The last time I was 11.7 I was probably 14 years old 🤣 My life has completely changed and I love it. So huge huge thank you Lindsay you are my guardian angel on my shoulder leading me in the right direction and I could not do any of this with out you. LEGEND ❤ ”

From Kelly 2021. Good evening lovely people, recently home from a wonderful weekend in Cornwall. Turning my attentions to CFL, I can report this course has been great! I haven’t kept in touch on the page as much as I usually do, but like everyone else juggling/entertaining a child and work, there hasn’t been a great deal of time with my phone. However, I’m delighted to report I’m 6lbs down 😊 I came into this course like many, allowing myself some ‘down time’, to enjoy my daughter before she starts school in sept and be a bit more relaxed. My rules were to listen to the vlogs daily and do the workouts. Just those seemingly small things have kept me on track and I’m delighted. I feel I’ve had a brilliant summer break, my clothes feel better, I’m running decent distances and ready to push on in sept. Thank you Lindsay Beale for your daily motivation. The vlogs have been spot on for this course and have kept me with you! Xx
From Janice 2021. I admit to not being the greatest of posters but I do enjoy the photos of all your meals My back is iffy at the moment so exercise is also iffy but I have lost 5” and 10lbs since March so going in the right direction. Look forward to ‘seeing’ you all in September and thanks Lindsay Beale for your inspiration chats xx
From Kera 2023  Another amazing six weeks on CFL not wonting to lose any more weight l have stayed the same !! But body shape is changing with exercise!! Always been told you lose your waist as you get older but I’ve got mine back thanks to Lindsay amazing exercise routines and which are so easy to slip into on busy day !! I’ve actually got muscle which have been lost for many a year !! Feeling fitter and healthier than I’ve felt in years new zest for life CFL is a part of my life now wouldn’t want it any other way !! Big thank you Lindsay and all you lovely ladies see you in September ❤️
From Rachel 2021. I can’t tell you how happy I am, I have lost 3 pounds but more exciting is I’ve lost 11.37inches in total!!! Biggest losses from waist, abdo and hips!!! I am so bloody chuffed I’ve actually had a tear or two!! People have been saying I look like I’ve lost weight recently and I felt like I had, but I have really tried not to be a slave to the scales this time!! I have learnt a lot, especially about myself and your morning talks are always an inspiration Lindsay Beale, thank you!! Well done to everyone on this page and what you have achieved!! Im definitely dancing my way into the weekend xxxx

From Angela. March 2020.  CFL has been an inspiration, helping me change what I eat and how I eat. Lindsay is awe inspiring (in a good way), very supportive and motivating. The group share experiences, offer support and put a smile on my face daily.

From Sarah. march 2020. I have been part of cfl for over 2 years now. It is about much more than weight loss. Lindsay’s daily vlogs are informative and motivational. She talks about how to improve all aspects of your life which affect your weight, fitness, health and happiness. The daily workouts have taught me that 10 minutes exercise is worth doing and that you can fit exercise into a busy day.
Lindsay is always there to give her support and answer questions. Her caring and positive nature is infectious and encourages a nurturing and supportive community where members can share recipes, ideas, problems and advice. I have learnt so much and made many new friends. CFL is not a diet it’s a way of life!



Lindsay Beale asserts copyright in all written material provided in the course and the name “Change For Life”.